Digitanity is an established IT company helping with digital recovery and transformation as the new normal

We build and operate your nearshore dedicated teams with significant ROI and reduced risks.

Digitanity solutions empower our customers to realize post-COVID digital acceleration – to expand their IT footprint, to access nearshore rich network of hyper-specialized IT professionals, a more cost-efficient approach to maximizing IT operations returns without compromising the company culture. We provide solutions to power our customers’ growth without compromising scale and the quality of the in-house teams.

Digitanity dedicated teams are an authentic augmentation to our customers’ team in HQ.

Discovery Team

STEP I – Discovery Team

Our Discovery Team is defining the dedicated team requirements based on customer business needs and dependencies.

People Team

STEP II – People Team

Our People Team is sourcing, interviewing & onboarding customer-specific talent based on industry, department, role, or project.

Management Team

STEP III – Management Team

Our Management Team runs our customer’s dedicated office in Digitanity Tech Center located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We are your fastest bridge to the new development center.

Company Founded
YOY Growth
Years of Experience


With over 15 years in the IT industry, our team has worked with many global brands. Our focus on understanding the cultural differences and aligning the shared expectations is Digitanity’s “secret sauce”. Our client-culture-centric approach shows that we really care about our clients and our employees. We share practices, beliefs, and common expectations so people know how to do things and conduct their business. It has evolved into a major and integral part of accelerated digital transformation, giving customers full control and visibility across HQ and nearshore dedicated team.

Global Reach

We are seasoned professionals with global customer reach. You can meet us in Phoenix, Amsterdam, Padua, Sofia, Belgrade and Pune.


Digitanity Values

True Results

We are delivering authentic augmentation of the team at HQ. Digitanity understands that the current climate is requiring business resilience and digital transformation. We work hard to make these transitions measurable, expandable, and profitable. We love to see cost optimization and speed of delivery, but what we really love is long-term value, collaboration, and cultural alignment.


Digitanity promotes competitiveness to innovate and improve our solutions and services. We are always looking for creative ideas to pick and choose the best software solutions, make the best applications, and find the best way to generate results for our customers. Based on our experience we find that people perform at their best when truly challenged.

Positive Work Culture

A positive workplace environment reduces stress in employees. A positive working environment is a workplace that promotes employee safety, growth, and goal attainment. Digitanity believes that happy employees create happy customers.


Digitanity hires and partners with people from different parts of the world, backgrounds, and experiences. Over the years, as teams have grown more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic, collaboration has become more complex. But though teams face new challenges, their success still depends on a core set of fundamentals: direction, the balance of skills, and the right support.


Transparency, as used in engineering, business, the humanities, and in other social contexts, is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability. For Digitanity transparency eliminates the noise and allows us to focus on true results.

Competitive Spirit

Digitanity team celebrates each and everyone’s success. When workplace competition is friendly and supportive, this engagement works in everyone’s best interests, making day to day tasks competitive and fun. At its best, workplace engagement based on competitiveness is creating a charged and exciting atmosphere at Digitanity.


We are seeking the best and brightest individuals to join our global team,
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