Digitanity launch

A Journey at a Digital Speed

Digitanity, an Athletic Commerce company and sister company of AIOPSGROUP has launched their newly redesigned website, which defines the areas of Staff-augmentation and build to operate models that it supports. Closely tied with its sister company AIOPSGROUP to help scale with growing needs in the digital arena, Digitanity will now specifically focus on its DDT model “Digitanity Dedicated Teams”.

This initiative will give AIOPSGROUP the ability to help more clients through enterprise monitoring, eCommerce development, consulting, as well as some staffing needs while Digitanity will offer larger staffing needs, placement and management models and traditional BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer). Overall, Athletic Commerce Holding is focused on helping our customers lead the digital transformation by enabling eCommerce technologies and systems, connecting people, and delivering resource efficiencies.
Ivan Radenkov – General Manager and Dane Vignjevic – Director of business development recently joined Digitanity and here is what they had to say.

Dane was asked about the advantages of this model …

“The ability to grow a company in today’s digital world is, many times held back by geographic limitations. There are times as a business, you just cannot find the right talent in your physical location or people want to work remote or you are recruiting the same person that your competitor is. At the end of the day its way too long of a recruitment process and you need to have these folks placed and working in a short period of time. There are so many companies out there looking for an affordable way to expand their operation overseas but have limited or no knowledge on local tax laws, real estate options, utilities, office equipment, employee compensation … they would need to hire a team of people in their company as well as their potential location in Europe and start the evaluation process which costs company time and money. If all goes well… they might have a company up and running in 18 months’ time. Now imagine if you could reduce risk cost and time on that… Through Digitanity’s offering, we’ll be able to help our clients grow and scale with their very own nearshore operation consisting of employees, office space, management, HR at a fraction of what it would take them to do on their own. So, to me the advantage is really a no brainer… it will offer a risk-free option to our clients to start and ramp up their business operation in Bulgaria, in a few months’ time at a fraction of the cost with limited or no risk to them. This is something that we’ve seen over the past 10 years as a major pain point, and I really see this service to be a great alternative to many companies out there in growth mode moving forward. Its why we decided to have Digitanity strictly focus on this particular need.“

Ivan Radenkov also commented:

“I had a dream and now it came true. We all have dreams and the clue for fulfilling them is to be able to find the puzzle piece of dream that will fit yours and make the whole picture real. I found this piece in the guys from AIOPSGROUP and we combined our expertise, experience, network, and motivation to launch this fine-tuned and well calibrated project of the established company Digitanity, as part of Athletic Commerce. It is all about people’s dreams: We will source your dream and make sure it comes true. Whether there are innovative ideas development; start-ups; new divisions of established companies; or simply no time and resource to raise a team yourself, we are here to find, train, manage and take care of your dedicated team of professionals. And by doing that we will provide to these fantastic people the trendy technology, dream-job experience, and the coolest company to work for. What better if I can synergize the successful business project of one with the better life of the people around me. I am thrilled and enthusiastic for this endeavour and let the trip begin!“

With the launch of the new site the company already is searching for a dozens of positions to fill in over 30 job openings for a start. Check out Digitanity services, news, and job openings at www.digitanity.com and follow them on Linkedin and FB where Digitanity promises to post interesting news, opportunities, and analysis.