Dedicated team building blocks

Digitanity DDT is a dedicated team service aimed towards long-term collaboration success.

To produce the best specialized development team that fulfills your objectives, we use a proven assembling process. In just 8 weeks, you’ll have a core engineering team, branded office space in an engineering incubator, and a dedicated talent (success) manager.

Given the post-COVID times, we understand how difficult it is to reach and extend talent globally, execute communication and interviewing, and carefully engage in face-to-face contact. There is a lack of oversight and an abundant need for a trusted partner. Digitanity understands your needs and your culture before we take charge of all recruitment, management, and office setup.  We provide local guidance, compliance, and support.  We build a dedicated team with your culture and mission ingrained from the inception.  Once the office is stable, mature and operational, we offer options to transfer the team to you.

Who is a great fit for Digitanity dedicated team?

Companies that want to be involved in engineering selection rather than being assigned engineers from a bench are great fit for this engagement model. As a result, we activate the mutually beneficial “Our Success is Dependent on Your Success” mechanism, which ensures a long-term winning team.

Because you, as a client, will be working directly with the developers, you will have complete control over the development process and will be able to ensure that they do a high-quality job. Digitanity ensures that the client retains complete control over development, delivery, and intellectual property, significantly mitigating the risk with traditional outsourcing.

Learning the ins and outs of local cultures, according to business leaders who have already expanded their companies globally, is one of the first steps on the road to success. With the Digitanity DDT model, we learn about your culture. Digitanity’s “secret sauce” is our focus on understanding cultural differences and aligning shared expectations. It has evolved into a significant and essential component of accelerated digital transformation, providing customers with complete control and visibility across HQ and nearshore dedicated team(s).

The world has irreversibly changed, and business must adapt. Organizations are now allocating resources to accelerated digital transformation. This change increased the demand for IT professionals. Skills shortages are not a new phenomenon in the United States and Western Europe, where companies compete for the best tech talent and there isn’t enough to go around. Embracing the Digitanity network of hyper-specialized professionals could mean the difference between a business remaining viable or not, as well as a significant competitive advantage in the race to digital-first.

Building Blocks

Business and Culture Discovery

Digitanity team takes a deep dive into your company’s culture, business and departmental goals, and any legacy experiences and documentation that will help us bridge the HQ talent with Digitanity team.

A series of meetings is held to clarify team parameters, team requirements, a tentative work schedule, and various organizational challenges.

Breaking Ground

Sourcing / Selecting / On-boarding

We put together a development team depending on your specifications. Following that, you conduct interviews with all candidates and select those with the skills you want to see on your dedicated development team.

Digitanity tailors the recruitment process to your needs with a one, two, or three-stage interview process with or without a programming test. We consider a portfolio of tests to include personality and psychometric ones, to ensure the most compatible fit.

For the on-boarding, we can purchase laptops, monitors, headsets, and other equipment on your behalf to help the team get started. Digitanity configures office space to meet your needs for company branding presence, such as a desk, chair, branded materials, logos in the office space, and so on. We organize our own HR inductions and can also handle your company’s induction if you prefer.

Alternatively, we can take care of everything, but you are in complete control of the selection, hiring and on-boarding process.

Operating the Team

In eight weeks, we will have your new office setup and your new dedicated team ready to augment the HQ team for successful collaboration and delivery.

After we’ve hired the team, you’ll be in command of their work and careers, just like you would with your own.

The employees will work only for you and will adopt your corporate culture. The team uses your systems, methodologies, and processes.

Office space, meeting rooms, HR, payroll, admin, legal, facilities, procurement, social events, team building events, and so on are all taken care of by us.

You are invited to visit your team or have them visit your offices as often as you like.

Transferring the Team

Our DDT engagement model enables our clients to grow their teams without having to invest significant resources in recruiting new employees or establishing a new entity overseas.

Before we take over all recruitment, management, and office setup, Digitanity assesses your needs. We offer local compliance as well as ongoing support. Our success is dependent on your success!

Once the office is stable, mature, and operational, ownership of the dedicated team can be easily transferred to your organization, or even canceled if business or the economy take unexpected turns.

Experience a live demo, get answers to your specific questions, and find out why Digitanity Dedicated Team Model is the right choice for your organization.