Digitanity Dedicated team model

We develop, create, and manage dedicated teams across a wide range of technologies in a variety of sectors from start to finish.

The COVID challenge has heightened demand for IT resources, necessitating the use of untapped nearshore pools of highly competent engineers to aid in the digital transformation. Nearshoring used to be about finding a price you couldn’t get anywhere else, but now it’s about finding skills, people, and a cultural fit you can’t find anywhere else. Digitanity has experience deploying dedicated nearshore teams in a variety of industries, departments, projects, roles, and technologies.


Fast time-to-market is almost always a requirement for global companies and brands. Leveraging the local market network and pre-defined sourcing and activation process, Digitanity offers 8 weeks start date. Rapidly deploy your dedicated team to capture amazing talent and time-sensitive project deliveries.

With 15+ years of IT experience, Digitanity is well versed in the issues the digital sectors are facing and recognizing that any footprint increases carry time and monetary obligations that can be expensive for the business. Digitanity reduces our customers’ liability by carefully scoping the team requirement, and managing your dedicated team from the inception phase to its maturity. Our contracts are flexible, with options to select and even transfer the teams to you.

Today, companies are faced with hybrid work environment challenges such as sharing organizational knowledge, lack of team bonding and participation in company culture, and growing dissatisfaction among remote employees due to long working hours. We have a head start on a successful long-term collaboration because of Digitanity’s awareness and care for employees, coupled with the diligent discovery, company culture orientation, and well-designed inception.

With Digitanity’s Dedicated Team Model, you can avoid high legal, administration, office, and staffing costs. It takes a long time and a lot of risks to start a new talent market on your own. The Digitanity Tech Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, provides quick access to a highly-skilled market at a fraction of the cost of onshore IT workers.

Types of Teams


Over the course of more than 15 years, we have developed a great understanding of strategy decomposition, and planning for IT capacity planning. Digitanity serves over 50 industries with hyper-specialized resources.

Across practically every industry and area, our clients can range in size from start-ups to publicly traded enterprises, including:

Advertising  /  Automotive  /  Banking  /  Biotechnology  /  Cryptocurrency  /  Fashion  /  Food & Beverage  /  Hardware  /  Human Resources  /  Information Technology  /  Insurance  /  Logistics  /  Manufacturing  /  Marketing  /  Medical  /  Real Estate  /  Robotics  /  Security and Cyber Security  /  Services  /  Travel

Information Technology:    Analytics  /  Apps and Mobile Apps  /  Artificial Intelligence  /  B2B  /  Big Data  /  Blockchain  /  Cloud Computing  /  ECommerce  /  Enterprise Software  /  FinTech  /  Internet  /  Internet of Things  /  Machine Learning  /  Marketplace  /  Mobile  /  Network Security  /  Payments  /  Software


Digitanity is linguistically, culturally, and technically focused on a community of highly qualified employees. We offer optimal dedicated teams for departments that want to maximize business efficiency, contain the company culture, and to have an easy communication across business units.

Customer Services  /  Human Resource  /  IT  /  Marketing  /  Operations


Dedicated teams are frequently formed from numerous responsibilities within your organization’s departments. Because Digitanity focuses on hyper-specialized team members, your HQ team augmentation can be more agile and flexible. Companies from around the world including the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and beyond trust us to fulfill their role-based dedicated team requests.

24/7 Customer Service  /  Dev Ops Engineer  /  Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer  /  Senior .NET Developer  /  Cloud / System / Support Administrator  /  Technical IOS Lead  /  Agile Coach  /  PO (Product Owner)  /  Frontend Developer  /  QA Automation Engineer  /  Senior C++ Developer – Automotive Sector  /  Data Consultant  /  Data Engineer  /  Ruby Rails Developer  /  Android Developer  /  Build & Release Engineer  /  Software Developer – Banking Systems  /  Big Data Software Engineer  /  Senior Java Engineer  /  Python Engineer  /  Junior Node Engineer  /  DevSecOps Engineer  /  IT and Security Manager  /  Backend Team Lead


We are fluent in your language. As economies begin to recover, Digitanity recognizes that integrating global talent with a vast pull of technology could be the difference between a business remaining viable or not, as well as a major competitive edge in quick transition to digital-first. Bulgaria has been a favored development destination due to its strategic location and consistent expansion of its economic and demographic indicators. Multinational corporations such as HP, SAP, Microsoft, VMware, and others have already recognized the benefits of the country and have established operating and development centers in Bulgaria.

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