Agilio’s Surge Forward: Rapid Team Growth and Seamless Onboarding

Agilio’s Surge Forward: Rapid Team Growth and Seamless Onboarding

Case study- Rapid Team Growth – DIGITANITY.


Agilio Software


Sheffield, England

Type of business:

Software, Dental, SaaS 

Role needs:

C# Developers, .Net developers, Flutter Engineers, Team Lead 

About Agilio

Agilio Software’s inception was rooted in the aspiration to establish the foremost healthcare operations software company in the United Kingdom. Today, they bring over four decades of collective experience as a united team. This wealth of knowledge and expertise fuels their commitment to providing diverse products and services. They aim to facilitate the secure and streamlined operation of healthcare organizations, promoting safety and efficiency throughout the industry.

Agilio Software offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions tailored for the dental, primary care, and hospital sectors. The company aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by automating various operational management processes. This visionary approach seeks to empower healthcare professionals to dedicate their valuable time and expertise to patient care without the burden of administrative tasks.

The Brief

The surging demand for Agilio’s platform prompted them to expand and augment their software engineering teams rapidly. This expansion aimed to provide robust support for their expanding online platform, involving the strategic addition of both senior and mid-level engineers. To efficiently address this staffing challenge, Agilio sought the specialized sourcing and recruitment capabilities of Digitanity. Digitanity was tasked with founding the Agilio Bulgaria dedicated team. Furthermore, Digitanity offered comprehensive support encompassing HR, legal, administrative, and general assistance throughout the onboarding process, ultimately paving the way for a seamless transition of these individuals into full-time Agilio employees.

left quote

“We knew we needed to be able to scale our engineering team in line with our rapidly scaling business, and we knew from experience that we would not be able to do this solely on our own, so it was important to find a partner that could help us do this.

We decided early on that the way to do this was to build a second development center outside of the UK, and we wanted it to be part of Agilio in the longer term as we see engineering as a core differentiator to our business. 

We considered a variety of different partnership/business models, including EOR, BOT, outsourcing, etc. We quickly concluded that the Build Operate and Transfer model was the right one for us as it would allow us to rapidly build a team without having our own business infrastructure in place in Bulgaria, but with the ability to take ownership of the team when we get to the right critical mass.

We met with a lot of potential partners of differing sizes and experiences but quickly concluded that Digitanity was the right partner for us – we really liked; their approach, the team we would be working with, the office, and the commercial offer.

Digitanity have proved to be everything we hoped for and more since we made the decision to proceed with them. They were able to get us up and running in weeks with our first team, who have proved to be excellent. Their recruitment capability is one of their outstanding features, we have been really impressed with the quality of resources they have found for us.

We really enjoy working with Digitanity and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

right quote
Comments from Agilio’s CTO Steven Law 

The Results

  • Agilio was able to stand up their first team in 6 weeks 
  • After Year 1, retention is at 100%  
  • Increased profitability and reduced internal cost in having a TA vendor
  • Great communication flow, quick reactions, and response time
  • Impressive quality and quantity of CVs offering the ability to fill positions quickly
  • State-of-the-art facilities with multiple conference rooms where they meet with their employees