BOT Trends 2021 And Beyond

BOT Trends 2021 And Beyond

Phoenix, AZ, August 24, 2021 –The age of digitization is here, and with it comes the unique opportunity to harness the absolute best IT professionals from across the world and integrate them into your business for growth, efficiency, profitability, and productivity. Companies worldwide have been severely affected by the COVID pandemic and changing world trends that have forced many to explore alternatives to the traditional means of employment.

Benefits Of Employing A Nearshore Development Team

Now, you may be wondering, “Why should I employ a nearshore Development Team instead of just using a local development team? Well, we’ll answer all your questions and explain why a nearshore Development Team makes sense to help take your business or company to the next level and skyrocket your profits today.

A Deloitte global outsourcing survey found that only 28% of companies worldwide preferred to hire in-house developers for their software development. This means that a whopping 72% of companies worldwide prefer software development outsourcing, and there are quite a few reasons for that.


Firstly, nearshore Development Teams offer a level of flexibility. With nearshore development teams, you can move developers between different projects that your company undertakes. With today’s lightning-speed internet connectivity and COVID-triggered enhanced cyber-security, you can collaborate with them effectively, no matter where they are in the world.

Additionally, in-house teams may have difficulty with employee agility triggered by digital transformation.  Switching and introducing digital projects may require changes in employee contracts and legal work, and it may be difficult for certain in-house developers to conform to various stages and scopes.

These concerns fade away when you employ a nearshore Development Team. This is because the members are ready and prepared for almost any change you may assign them. We here at Digitanity are ready to provide you with the best dedicated nearshore development team with exceptional talent worldwide.

Get Access To A Larger Pool Of Talents

One of the main reasons companies love outsourcing so much is that it provides them with a broader array of talent than they would find in their local job market. Only outstanding, knowledgeable, and committed developers should be a member of your team, and finding such talent in countries like yours can be a challenge. This is because the tech giants in your area have already contracted the majority of these developers and enticed them with a sense of comfort, job security, attractive perks, enormous packages, and other benefits. Many would believe that there is a deficit of talented developers, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Areas such as Europe are booming with gifted developers who cannot wait to bring their skills into companies such as yours and help them achieve their business goals.

Increase Productivity And Reduce Time

When you hire a nearshore Development Team, you don’t have to waste time training new employees since every developer you outsource would already possess all the required skills your business or company needs. You also would not have to waste time on Human Resource activities such as employee retention. Neither would you have to spend time on project management routines since all those activities would be taken care of by the vendor company you choose. 

They help your company increase your overall productivity by taking care of these crucial tasks to focus on what matters most in the overall cut-throat competition in your company’s niche. Dedicate your time and effort to your productivity while your vendor provides you with a nearshore Development team that will join your team and help make your dreams a success.

Cost Efficiency

The most sought-after local developers are usually the most expensive ones to hire. But that doesn’t mean that they’re the most talented ones, nor does it mean that developers with similar skills cannot be found at a lower price from another part of the world. 

The world market is bubbling with competitively priced and skilled developers who can easily integrate into your team and produce equivalent results like the local developers in your area. Asia, Latin America, and especially Europe are overflowing with talented developers. Digitanity is here to handpick the best talent available and help you leverage their skill set for expanding your business, reducing your overall cost, and the risks associated with the traditional outsourcing methods. 

90% of startups eventually fail. 46% of these startups fail because they run out of money. Imagine if you had a trusted vendor building an effective nearshore development team while helping you avoid the unnecessary costs of recruitment fees, insurance benefits, paid vacations, payroll, and in some cases, even office rent! You could then divert those funds to some other area of your business that needs it. 

“But why do these nearshore developers charge less than their local counterparts?” you may ask. This is because they have received the same education as your local developers, but they live in parts of the world where the cost of living is much cheaper. Therefore, they can transfer these savings to you while delivering the same quality service that you’ve come to know and love.

Why Use Digitanity?

Now you may be thinking: “So why can’t I hunt down these remarkable, talented global developers and strike a deal with them myself?” At first, that may seem like a great idea, but let us examine some of the reasons why it’s safer to go with Digitanity. 

  • Do you have enough time, resources, and expertise to outsource the best developers from across the world and then convince them to join your team?
  • Are you familiar with their country’s taxation and local laws?
  • Do you know how to reduce the general risks associated with this undertaking so that you can get a significant return on your investment (ROI)? 

We’ve embraced the model of developing nearshore teams, and we will have your nearshore team of the best developers up and running in a relatively brief period of time. Digitanity has over 15 years of IT experience, and we retain the absolute best talent for your time-sensitive project deliveries. We’ll reduce your liability by carefully scoping your team requirement, and we will manage your dedicated team from the inception phase to its maturity. Our contracts are flexible, and you have the option to transfer or cancel your teams

DDT – Digitanity Dedicated Team Model

In the Discovery Process, Digitanity team takes a deep dive into your company’s culture, business and departmental goals, and any legacy experiences and documentation that will help us bridge the HQ talent with Digitanity team. 

A series of meetings is held to clarify team parameters, team requirements, a tentative work schedule, and various organizational challenges. 

During the Building Stage, we will gather the absolute best professionals from the most competitive markets and create an independent but operational subsidiary of your business or company in that location. Digitanity will only select the most competent employees to fulfill your needs. You will be with us every step of the way so that only employees who satisfy all your requirements are selected. 

In the Operating Stage, we will help you grow your nearshore development team to full capacity by establishing the procedures and policies for day-to-day management. During this phase, performance expectations, salary tables, job descriptions, job roles, and other company policies will be standardized. 

The final stage of a BOT model is the transfer phase. However, this is entirely up to the client, and we can continue running your business through Digitanity for as long as required before any transfer phase. 

We are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. It’s time to give your business or company the best talent that the world has to offer!