Rapid Deployment of Software Engineering Teams at RSM


Rapid Deployment of Software Engineering Teams at RSM

Case study- Rapid Deployment – DIGITANITY.


Boston, USA

Type of business:

Online school platform 

Role needs:

Back-end Java Microservices developers, Angular-based Front-end developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineer

About RSM


One of the most successful after- school math programs for K-12 students in North America. The technology department is key in supporting RSM’s growth objectives by ensuring consistent quality of math education through multiple proprietary cloud-based information systems. RSM’s unique approach develops critical thinking and has built excellence in math since 1997. Featured by NPR and the Atlantic magazine as one of the players in the “Math Revolution” and ranked one of the best schools in the world by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, RSM helps children of all levels build a solid math foundation and develop their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Content Management System (CMS) specialized in authoring and managing math curriculum and problems (along with their answers, step-by-step solutions, and hints to appropriately support them along the way). In addition, it allows students to work on their tasks online. Data about student results are analyzed to help teachers guide students on their journey. The Teacher Portal supports the teachers during the lesson planning, conducting it, and analyzing the results. Student Information System (SIS) with its Office Portal and Parent Portal supports staff and parents in managing all stages of student engagement at RSM and managing RSM as a successful business. Virtual Classroom (VCR) enables RSM’s fastest-growing division called RSM Online and allows teachers to work with small geographically distributed classes replicating as closely as possible the in-person classroom experience.

The Brief

With 60,000+ Students nationwide, Increased demand for their online school required RSM to scale and grow their software engineering teams at an accelerated rate to support the growing online platform with a balanced mix of Sr and mid-level engineers. RSM required the sourcing and recruiting expertise of Digitanity to quickly stand-up teams for their Bulgaria location while also offering local offices, and providing HR, legal, admin, and general support for their onboarding and eventual transition over to RSM as FT employees. 

left quote


Plamen Bliznakov, VP, Engineering, Russian School of Mathematics

BOT was an incredible way to find and hire faster strong candidates, free up time and focus on what brings value to our business without getting stuck in repetitive tasks. 

The decision to use an external vendor for our IT talent expenditure has accelerated standing up the team, saved us time, resources and has given us another asset in training and onboarding new team members.  

Working with Digitanity feels like working with a department within our organization. Their TA team researches our needs and performs an in-depth market search for the right resources. A lot of the applicants are meeting our criteria and that allows us to select the perfect fit. The success rate of candidates saves us time and money in recruiting efforts, interviews, and retention. 

Since onboarding and retention are also taken care of by Digitanity, the process has given us free time to strategize and focus on introducing them to the RSM-specific business processes and proprietary software products, as well as other elements of our business that add the most value. 

We were also happy with the process of transferring the first cohort of dedicated employees to us. It was led and coached by Digitanity for a smooth and 100% successful transition, for which we got perfect service from our partners and friends at Digitanity. 

Our recent success and experience with Digitanity was a key factor for adding additional roles on which we initiated new candidate searches. 

In conclusion, we are delighted to be working with Digitanity and the quality of the resources they provide our business, and we recommend using Digitanity to other business owners.

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— Plamen, VP, Engineering at RSM

The Results

  • RSM was able to stand up their first team in 6 weeks
  • After year 1, retention is at 100% 
  • Increased profitability and reduced internal cost in having a TA vendor 

Rapid Deployment of Software Engineering Teams at RSM