Recruiting problems companies face and our solutions

Recruiting problems companies face and our solutions

Phoenix, AZ, Nov 15, 2022 – DIGITANITY. Finding and retaining top IT talent is one of the top challenges for companies, regardless of their industry. Technology changes rapidly, and what made a great IT hire ten years ago has shifted dramatically. Companies that partner with a dedicated IT recruiter have a competitive edge over others in their market; outsourcing recruitment, especially for niche positions, frees decision-makers in the business up to concentrate on other tasks.

Solving recruiting problems is our specialty. Our recruitment activities are client-centered and customized to your needs. In our work, we notice that many clients share common recruiting frustrations. Trust Digitanity for your in-house and nearshore recruiting needs.

Problem #1: Poor Recruitment Strategy and Execution

Even the most forward-thinking company can flounder in the recruiting process. Cumbersome online applications, a lack of up-to-date recruiting tools, and no systems to track employee well-being are common challenges our clients face. Inexperienced recruiters are another challenge – in-house recruiters often have a job that has nothing to do with the nature of the business and may suffer from a lack of a mentor or professional guidance. For example, a manufacturing company may have one person in the recruitment department who may not have the experience, technology, or knowledge to deliver the company’s high-quality candidates.

The Digitanity Solution

As a company of dedicated recruiters and hiring specialists, we hone the skill of identifying good candidates for our clients and complete in-house training to stay up-to-date with optimized tools and solutions to get the best of the market. Our research and resources are optimal and bring a positive impact to the business and our clients, and we have the flexibility to integrate each client’s resources into our own, to provide custom representation in the job field.

Our recruiting team knows your business needs and response, engaging with you to keep a finger on the pulse of what you need. As your business needs change, our team approach changes in response, creating a new strategy for souring different talent.

We operate from a place of trust, both for our clients and for the job candidates. Candidates know that we look at the business needs and deliver only potential hires that can mesh with the business, keeping both sides satisfied.

Problem #2: Finding the Right People For the Right Roles

Some clients may have new goals and ideas but aren’t sure how to get from conception to market; understanding what kinds of positions they need to create to meet these new goals is something that Digitanity can help you with. You know your current needs, but what will you need in the future? And, are you attracting the right people for your company culture? Not every great on-paper candidate is the right fit.

The Digitanity Solution

Our insightful recruitment team has deep knowledge of what the IT market can provide and what the candidates are looking for in terms of the job description and company culture. We help you present your company and role, define the size and detail of your needs, and we assist you in bringing to the table the best job description for your unique roles. You have the ideas, and we’re your architect for designing the right team to execute them. It starts with identifying your exact needs and your business culture. Then, we craft an ideal employee persona and start there. We see recruitment as something beyond the interview, engaging in casual conversation to get a feel for how candidates will work in your business environment.

Our client relationships are ongoing; ideally, we have a partnership with our clients that includes regular recruitment meetings to ensure both sides have everything needed after the hire. Checking in periodically allows us to act on a timely basis when there are changes in needs and requirements. Now that we know exactly what the business needs and what candidates are looking for, we engage solutions to convince candidates similar to our “candidate persona” that this is the right workplace for them.

Problem #3: Finding Quality Candidates Who Aren’t Looking For a Job

Reaching passive candidates can be tricky, especially for busy executives overwhelmed with daily business operations. Digitanity recruiters visit different technical events and are part of the best social networks and IT channels where we can reach and source specialists and data. While some recruiters wait for job seekers to come to them when they’re ready to leave their current position, we take a proactive approach – and that sets up apart.

The Digitanity Solution

Our recruitment expertise over the years has crossed us with different personalities, situations, and people. Because our approach is proactive, we have access to many different channels, referral schemes, events, and tools which allow us to reach and the opportunity to persuade those candidates into hearing us out and joining us. And, because we have a reputation for building relationships, rather than seeing the recruitment process as transactional, we have many connections in many Bulgarian companies through which we can reach several good specialists. We put this to work for our clients and anticipate your needs.

Problem #4: Troubles During the Hiring Process

The right hire is the one who has the background or specific skill that the company needs for a particular goal, not necessarily the strongest candidate. A common recruitment problem is a mismatch between a client seeking a specialist with experience doing something specific and the specialist doesn’t have it, even though they have excellent qualifications.

The Digitanity Solution

We mediate when there is a conflict between a candidate’s qualifications and the business’s requirements. Often, we can avoid a mismatch because of the time we take to gain a deep understanding of the client’s business needs in terms of experience, background, and knowledge. We specifically speak with the candidates regarding that and engage quality people with the right experience and fit, keeping them warm through the hiring process.

How? We set up some questions regarding technical work and what they have done. We then gather this feedback and provide it to our clients to help them make the best decisions on the candidates we have. Sometimes, though, a great candidate has multiple opportunities. Open communication between Digitanity recruiters and candidates lets us know where they stand with our competitors. We update our clients on the status of these in-demand candidates, allowing them to have the freedom to act upon any specific candidate cases and have the time to win over the future employee.

Your recruitment team helps your hiring managers prepare for meeting each candidate for a stand-out first impression. Our standard advice is for initial calls to be made with someone of a higher rank or technical background for the potential candidate to meet new contacts, especially before undergoing any technical assessments. We provide our clients with tips on what information is most important and interesting for the candidates and encourage them to feel engaged by sharing projects and more insights.

Problem #5: Turnover

Turnover is one of the biggest employment challenges for IT companies. It’s a competitive market, and the cream of the crop knows it. A new company may always offer something bigger and better, leading specialists to jump ship fairly often. There are many reasons: technology, the bad cultural fit, lack of communication, wrong cultural fit, or environment, but the dynamic stands.

The Digitanity Solution

We ensure the happiness of our employees by having a transparent relationship with them. Our regular meetings with each employee allow us to see where they stand, what problems they face, and how we can help them. We have different methods and practices to ensure the candidates are the right cultural fit as we align both sides’ expectations.