Remote Work Advantages

Remote Work Advantages

Phoenix, AZ, November 1, 2021 –DIGITANITY. Working remotely or working from home is rapidly becoming one of the most critical and praised benefits an employee can have from their employer. It is known that organizations that offer flexibility in their work patterns tend to achieve more growth and sustainability than those that are rigid with their policies. The most critical aspect that an organization, in modern-day business, needs to take care of is their employees’ mental peace and stability. An employee who is in complete mental composure tends to give more productive results than those in a state of some worry. 


Flexibility in Work 

In such organizations, the nature of work mostly requires just a system and a network. For that purpose, laptops are assigned and given to employees to take it home with them and work using their internet home connection. Working remote is also beneficial for those employees who cannot live with the monotony of work-life and need a change now and then. People like those don’t prefer to stick to a monotonous routine.   

Instead, they keep switching between their work routines such as working from home half of the time and working from the office during the other half. 

The Popularity of Working Remotely

Since employers found that providing their employees with such WFH flexibility is causing their growth and development to rise exponentially, more and more employers are switching to this means of work. Here are some statistics that speak of the popularity of this modern “work from the home” trend.  

Around 40% of the employees worldwide think that working from home benefits them in a way that complements their need for a flexible work schedule. Digitanity experience shows that employees in a global or multinational organization come from different backgrounds and have considerable differences in their social settings. That is why flexibility in the work schedule is necessary for every employee to cater to their individual needs.

Around 30% of all Fortune 500 companies are using platforms such as Upwork to hire for their freelancer needs, so that they can find the possibility and results of working remotely on their growth and development.  

The DDT (Digitanity Dedicated Teams) model takes advantage of that trend in the best possible way. A dedicated team is a team of resources managed locally by Digitanity but serves the highest quality needs of the international customers. It’s a hybrid work environment, providing the freedom to work from home, but also have their dedicated state-of-the-art space, which they can use freely for face-to-face meetings, communication with HQ, idle space for intensive work, presentations, meetings, etc.  

Organizations that provide the flexibility of “remote work” experience less employee turnover than those that don’t. According to statistics, such companies experience a decrease as great as 25% in the employee turnover rate than the others. Some more stats tell that a whopping 76% of the employees tend to stay with their employers if they are flexible in their working hours and location.  

Researchers say that employees who work from home at least once a month tend to be 24% happier and more productive than without such a routine. Over the past 15 years, companies’ flexibility and ease of remote work have increased by 140%. Companies have realized that to boost their growth and development, they need to take care of their employees, benefit them in every way possible, offer incentives if they are performing well, and make work easier for them by allowing them to work remotely.  

It is evident from the statistics that around four and a half million people in the US (United States) are working from home for more than half of the time. That is the exact reason behind the growth, sustenance, and prosperity of the organizations of the Western world. They have identified the critical reasons for the backwardness of the other regions and tried to address the issue efficiently.  

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